Nov. 1st, 2011

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This is what I've set up to quickly bookmark stuff on Google Reader in Pinboard:

In Google Reader:
Hit the "Options" gear in the top right corner and pick "Reader Settings".
Go to the "Send To" tab.
Pick the "Create a custom link" at the bottom of the page.

Name: Pinboard
URL:${url}&title=${title} ${source})&tags=via:googlereader,via:${source}
Icon URL:


To use, pick the "Send To" option on the item in Google Reader, and pick Pinboard. A new tab (or window, depending) will open, with a few things already filled in. This does require that you be logged in to Pinboard.

My options take the article title and the source as the title for your bookmark, and fill tags that specify that the bookmark is from Google Reader and whatever the feed source is. You may want to tweak that depending on your tagging scheme.

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So much excellence on Pinboard recently!

1. URL pages now list all the people who have bookmarked a page, and include their tags, description and date saved. (Interestingly, my Date Lines script now seems to work nicely on URL pages thanks to the update, but if you use Sort Visible Links you should update to the latest version of the script to prevent it from trying -- and then failing -- to work there.)

2. Public profile pages! (Well, public to anyone logged into Pinboard.) Enable your profile by going to settings->privacy and choosing "Enable public profile". Then a link to your profile page will appear in the top nav menu, and you can go there to set up it up. Of particular interest to fandom: you can indicate your accounts on various websites, including LJ, Dreamwidth and AO3. AMAZING.

3. Check out the new Pinboard directory to see all the public profiles that have already been enabled.

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