Nov. 18th, 2011

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• If you follow [ profile] pinboard, you likely know that the behaviour of the tag autocomplete has been changed.

I got a crash course last night tagging for the White Collar newsletter. You now use Tab not Enter to accept the active autocomplete suggestion. The thing that makes this hard to retrain your brain is that Enter does work if the active autocomplete suggestion is below the top one. What makes training your brain crucial is that, at any other time, enter submits the bookmark and you have to open the form again to edit the tags. Ask me how many times I had to do this tagging about a dozen things last night?

• I normally use the full page bookmarking form, but for tagging for the newsletter, I needed the popup. It's default is too small for the size of the notes field at my font size and it pops up at the left edge of the screen, or right over top of any fic header I need to read to select tags.

I changed the code to this:

I changed the width from the original 700 to 800, and I added the left=800 description (near the very end of the code). If you want to customize yours, the width and height are pixels and you should be able to decide what you want there. To move it to the far right of the screen, as I did you want to know the total width of your screen resolution and subtract from that the width of the popup you've set. Mine is 1600-800=800. You can edit my code right here in this entry and then copy it into a bookmarklet or edit your existing bookmarklet, whatever works for you!


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