Aug. 11th, 2012

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Tag bundles are now available on Pinboard! LET US REJOICE.

Questions Maciej has addressed on Twitter about the feature:

  • There is currently no way to see tags by bundle when saving a new link, but he said he'd think about how to incorporate something along those lines.

  • There is no bundle importer from delicious.

  • The bundles list box is not pasteable; you have to move tags into it individually.

  • He has no plans to make bundles available within the bookmarklets.

  • One user has reported getting an error message when trying to save a large number of tags to a bundle. Refreshing fixed the problem, but it's happened to her more than once. He's working on fixing it.

  • The filter in the bundling editor only works with the beginning of tags, not character sequences anywhere within them.

  • If you have the Stylish add-on activated, you'll need to deactivate it to be able to use tag bundles. [EDIT: This does not seem to be universal, so check to make sure--you might be able to keep yours.]


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