Aug. 19th, 2012

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I've almost finished updating my Pinboard userstyle but I've run into a problem I don't seem to be able to solve myself. Almost certainly because I'm completely self-taught when it comes to CSS (and know nothing about javascript). It's particularly annoying since everything else is fixed so if it wasn't for this I could already have posted the update version.

What I'm having problems with is #show_all_link and show_unbundled_link on the Editing Tag Bundle page. I'm sure there must be some very simple way to get the highlighted variable to show the colour I want and not the site's colour choice, but I can't for the life of me figure out how. I can't find anything about it in the site CSS and the info I get from Webdeveloper is incomprehensible to me*.

If anyone knows how to code this, please, please, PLEASE tell me!!

* What does onclick = tp.filterByProperty('unbundled');unhilight('show_all_link');hilight('show_unbundled_link'); mean?? And how can I apply it to CSS??

ETA at twenty minutes past ten the same evening: [personal profile] murklins came to my rescue! It is indeed all due to a bit of javascript so if I want to be able to style that element I need to mail maciej about it.

ETA at twenty minutes past eleven the same evening: [personal profile] murklins is a complete darling and managed to work out a way to make CSS work for this!


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