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I've updated PinToDW to version 0.8. (I've also started using version numbers, as you see. I'm actually wondering about using SourceForge or GitHub. If someone has Opinions about software repositories, I'd love to hear them.)

This version brings support for categories, i.e. you can now separate your bookmarks depending on how they're tagged. If you post fandom tags, you may want to separate Art from Fics from Vids, for example, and now you can do it very simply.

I've also separated the configuration file, which will make it easier for future updates, as you'll just have to change the actual script file.

Finally, you'll now be able to post your bookmarks uncut.

I've (barely) updated the tutorial. Do not hesitate to holler if something's not clear. In true coder's fashion, I hate writing documentation.

Future (hypothetical) developments are available at the Changelog page. Given that I plan to support Delicious (on one side) and Livejournal (on the other) in the near future, the name "PinToDW" will become irrelevant soon. Any suggestions on a catchier name will be received with gratitude :)

Any suggestions for future development are also welcome. I'm not promising I can fit everything, but I can try.

You can follow all the posts about PinToDW on my journal using the tech:pintodw tag.

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