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Two new options are available on Pinboard!

Do you enjoy having your tags arranged in strict alphabetical order? If you say the word, Pinboard will now automatically do it for you on all your bookmarks.

Do you sometimes wish you could see the URL of a bookmark without having to mouse over the darned link? Now you can! Full URLs, displayed right under your bookmark titles, there for looking at.

To opt-in to either of these features, go to your settings tab, find the new "bookmark display" section, and check the magic ticky boxes.

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Pinboard's "copy to mine" link now works like my Inline Save script: instead of doing a straight copy of the link to your account, it adds an inline form to the page so you can do your own custom tagging, change title/description text, etc. Yay! Now we can all uninstall Inline Save. I love it when my scripts become redundant -- it's the Greasemonkey coder's dream. (PS In three years, it never happened once on Yahoo!Delicious.)

Maciej did alter the site code when he implemented this change, and it's possible that the update broke some of my other scripts. Let me know if you encounter any bugs!

Oh, and I made a quick script for [personal profile] forestgreen, which adds a link to the popular/fandom page to the top navigation menu: Pinboard - Popular Fandom Nav Link.

ETA: Aaaaand now there's also one for popular/wikipedia: Pinboard - Popular Wiki Nav Link. :)

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I updated Inline Save again today, this time to make it work on the popular pages (popular/fandom, popular/wikipedia and popular).

The script is keyed to only work on bookmarks that have the "copy to mine" link, so when I was first developing this script I didn't think it was buggy when it didn't work on the popular pages, since as far as I could tell there were no copy to mine links there. Apparently they are just so faint as to be nearly invisible until you hover over a bookmark. Mysterious behaviour which I'm afraid my script does away with -- I forced opacity on the div that holds the copy to mine and save to mine links, mostly because it seemed like too much work to implement the scripted hover behaviour for the injected save to mine links, and also so that the inline save form wouldn't be too pale to read.

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Pinboard now has a popular fandom bookmarks page! Popular bookmarks are based on what got bookmarked in the past 3 days by people who have opted into the "fandom" setting. (To have your bookmarks be included in said 'popular' list, you will have to go to Settings -> General -> and check the "I'm part of fandom. Hooray!" option.)

(note: your bookmarks will still be included in the general 'recent' or 'popular' list. It merely aggregates those who ticked the 'fandom' option.)

(Also, if you go to settings -> privacy -> and check the "Let other people see my entire network" option, you can also let others see who you subscribe to and who subscribes to you. If you're into the social bookmarking aspect of the old Delicious this feature may be useful to you and others who come across your bookmarks. I haven't really seen a lot of people opt into this function despite it being some time since it was implemented, so I've decided to signal-boost it in case users missed this new functionality. :))
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I have a question regarding the Pinboard pop-up bookmarklet. For some reason, it doesn't prefill the URL & page title for me, and I have no...idea...why. (I use the Firefox one, flash & javascript enable for this application.)

Has anyone experienced the same phenomenon, or knows a way to fix it? I'd really appreciate your advice. Pinboard is basically unusuable for my quick bookmarking needs because of this. :/
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Great news! Pinboard now supports sorting the autocomplete drop down by tag frequency, so you can ditch the userscripts I wrote for that functionality. You need to enable the native Pinboard frequency sorting by going to your settings page and checking both "Tag auto-completion" and "Sort tags in autocomplete pulldown by frequency". \o/
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1. If you installed the Inline Save script and it doesn't work on your tag subscription page, please take a second to re-install it. I got a bug report yesterday and had to update the code. Inline Save on the tag subscription page is an excellent thing to have!

2. I also got a report that Tag Frequency Autocomplete is not working at all in Firefox 3.6. If you've experienced any trouble with this script, or its companion script Tag Frequency Autocomplete with Taglist Highlighting, please come forward with details! I'd love to know your browser and version number, as well as what weird behaviour you're seeing.

3. I don't know if anyone else misses the Delicious history bookmarklet, which was just to let you look up an URL's history page on Delicious, but I really missed it a lot, so I made a Pinboard version.

PS You can keep up with the Pinboard blog via [syndicated profile] pinboard_blog_feed. Another good source of info is [syndicated profile] pinboard_ljcomm_feed, since a mod of the LJ vesion of this comm reposts pertinent [ profile] pinboard twitter updates.

PPS Also, over on [ profile] pinboard we talked a bit about what we'd like tag bundling to look like on Pinboard. If you have thoughts on that, please add them to the discussion!
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Well, it's been a whole three days since I last posted here, clearly it's past time for more scripts. God, this Pinboard userscipt thing is basically an out of control obsession now. I'm starting to wonder if I should just abandon all my actual paying contracts and devote my life to my new Pinboard UI improvement vocation. /o\

Anyway, here are three things you may have never known you wanted Pinboard to do.

  1. Pinboard - Dim Saved Links: This is a port of my old Delicious dimming script. A brand new feature on Pinboard is to helpfully gray out bookmark links that you've already saved in your own account, and this script takes it one step further, graying out the entire bookmark, not just the link.

    Preview )

  2. Pinboard - Inline Save: [personal profile] silviakundera said: "[give] me an edit bookmark box when I hit "copy to mine", so that I can enter tags before saving." Copy to mine is a nice feature, but if you're used to inline save on Delicious, it can seem a little bare bones. The script I wrote sticks a "save to mine" link next to the "copy to mine" link. When you click the new link, a form appears where you can edit the title of the bookmark and add description text and tags before saving it to your own account. Links already saved to your account just show "saved" text instead of the copy and save links.

    Sadly, it only works within Greasemonkey (so it won't work on Chrome or Opera) but that couldn't be helped; I needed some Greasemonkey-specific functionality to make it work. :(

    Preview )

  3. Pinboard - Tag Cloud Sort: [personal profile] sally_maria desired "a way of sorting the tags on the right hand side of the main page by popularity, rather than alphabetically." So that's what this script does. When a page with a tag cloud loads, it will sort all the tags in it by frequency (roughly, since the only tag frequency info that's available right now is each tag's relative font size). You can then click back and forth between alpha and frequency sorting.

    Preview )

Firefox installation instructions can be found here. As usual, if you have any trouble with the scripts, please let me know so I can figure out how to solve your issue!

ETA Ahahaha, [ profile] somehowunbroken sent me coffee! ♥

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I'm really loving most of the things about Pinboard, it's such a relief to be using a sane site after the mess of New Delicious.

The one thing I miss, though, is that I can't see any way of sorting the tags on the right hand side of the main page by popularity, rather than alphabetically. Tag clouds are all very well, but it still means scrolling down to get to my most used tags. Am I missing something really obvious or is it simply not possible?
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ETA 18 October: I've edited the style to include the new "pic sort order" function.

ETA 16 October: I've edited the style to include the new "see this user's network" function.

ETA 15 October: I've edited the style to include the new per-page function.

I've finally finished the user style I've been working on for the last week or so. It's based on this style and it has:
- rounded borders,
- a tan and brown colour scheme,
- different colours for visited and unvisited links,
- different hover colour,
- different colour for already saved links in network/popular/recent/subscription views, and
it looks like this... )

You can install the style here.

ETA Wednesday 12 October at 17:30: To make it easier to change the colour scheme I've added a list of colour numbers and also uploaded a colour chart.
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Hi, everyone. I made a "search all" Pinboard search plugin to go with Kristian Salonen's "search mine" plugin. A search plugin allows you to access a search engine directly from your browser, either from a search bar or by highlighting text, right clicking on it, and choosing search.

To install, click on the name of the plugin. Will work in Firefox, IE, and Chrome. In Opera, you can make your own search plugins by right clicking in any search box and choosing "create search." It seems to default to the "search mine" option on Pinboard, but you can change the end of the string from ?query=%s&mine=Search+Mine to ?query=%s&all=Search+All in the address box of the pop up to get "search all."

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I have written quite a few scripts now that are basically just to deal with using the posting page when you have hundreds and hundreds of tags in your Pinboard account. It's pretty ridiculous, actually! It's gotten to the point where the scripts all have to execute in a certain order to work properly, so I thought I'd do a walkthrough of how to put them all together. First, here is what the dotcoms_refresh "popup with tags" page looks like with all the scripts installed:

Posting Page )


  1. The first choice you need to make is if you want to have your tag autocomplete drop down box show the tag matches in alphabetical order (the default that Pinboard provides) or by frequency of use. If you'd like the matches to sort by frequency, you'll need to install the Tag Frequency Autocomplete script. But wait!

  2. Before you rush off to do that, you also need to decide if you want the tags in the taglist to get highlighted as you select them. If you want tag highlighting AND frequency autocomplete, you need to get the all-in-one Tag Frequency Autocomplete with Taglist Highlighting. If you just want frequency sorting, get Tag Frequency Autocomplete. And if you want the default alphabetical autocomplete but you still want the taglist highlighting, get Taglist Highlighting in Posting Page.

  3. Next, you may want to divide up your massive taglist into readable sections. Organize Taglist in Posting Page is the script that divides the tags alphabetically and adds letter titles to each of the resulting tag sections.

  4. Don't like the grey tag link color? Get Change Tag Link Colour in Posting Page then read the section below on customization to learn how to choose your new colour.

  5. And finally, do you want to be able to give some of your tags different background colours to make them stand out, or hide some kinds of tags entirely? Install Style Posting Page Taglist. It needs to be customized to suit your tags, so read the next section to learn how to do that.

Customization )

Troubleshooting )
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Hello everyone. :)

The poll was closed last Friday, and you can now see the results there, if you are curious.

From the LJ pinboard comm entry: Maciej says he’ll be posting a blog entry soon about his plans for the future. He’s been working on tag bundling already—here’s an image of how that will look.

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ETA Sunday 21:10 ECT: [personal profile] murklins showed me how to do it!

I'm working on a user style for Pinboard and it's mostly done. I think. There is one thing I'm having problems with however and since all my knowledge of CSS is acquired through trial-and-error I'm not even sure it's possible. I'm hoping someone here will know.

It concerns the font sizes of the tags in the sidebar... )
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First off, I added a few new scripts to my Scripts for Pinboard post, so go check that out!

This post is about yet another new script, one that needs many paragraphs to describe how it works and how to set it up to suit your personal needs.

You know how there's the "popup with tags" bookmarklet that opens up the posting window and includes a list of all your tags underneath the form? [personal profile] christycorr wanted a way to have some control over how the tags in that list were displayed, like hiding any that started with "author:", for example. So I made a script that allows you to specify what text to look for in your tags, and when it finds tags that match, it adds custom styling info to them. If this sounds like something you want to try out, and you have both Firefox and a little bit of CSS know-how, read on!

Firefox Instructions )
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I ported my Delicious sorting script to Pinboard: Pinboard - Sort Visible Links. For details, preview image, and installation instructions, see my previous post, Scripts for Pinboard.
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A couple of weeks ago, I shared a script I'd written to automatically and regularly post Delicious bookmarks to Dreamwidth. Two days later, AVOS broke Delicious XD

I rewrote the script for Pinboard.

Let me know if you have difficulties understanding the tutorial. I've tried making it Luddite-proof, but it's sometimes not easy to know what will trip people.

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Hi guys! I'm pretty new to feedreaders, but I thought it would be useful to write up some bits and bobs about pulling feeds from Pinboard/Diigo for those who do not have accounts on the respective sites but want to follow the action, so to speak. Also, I'd like to have the info for pulling Delicious feeds for people who stay with Pinboard/Diigo/etc.

Before I get started, I don't really know the difference between subscribing to RSS vs JSON feeds. If anyone wants to chime in, that would be greatly appreciated! For the purpose of this post, I'm talking about RSS feeds.

Step 1: Does anyone have a favorite feed-reader that shows tags from these feeds? I've found NewsBlur (free for 64 subscriptions) does get tags from the Pinboard and Delicious feeds I've set up, but mangles the Pinboard ones badly (all lumped into one gigantor tag it looks like), and doesn't recognize the "/" in the tag and splits it in two. I've reported the Pinboard issue earlier this afternoon, so I'll edit when I hear back.

From a convo I just had on twitter, google Reader doesn't display Pinboard tags, and no longer displays Delicious tags displays tags if you add '?fancy' to the end of the feed URL but hides the notes field (Thanks Anon!), and is an easy option for many people. Feedly also does not display the tags from Pinboard feeds, haven't tried with Delicious.

Hints for setting up NewsBlur )

Step 2: Feeds for Delicious. I haven't tried many of these, but the feed info is here. Subscriptions for specific tags seem to be working ok, and shockingly I was able to pull some recent stuff ostensibly from my network, but the subscriptions feed is dead like a dead thing for me.

Step 3: Feeds for Pinboard. Feed info is listed here (scroll down). Things work, though NewsBlur doesn't show the tags properly. You can also find public feeds linked from the relevant pages near the top of the page on the right before the tags.

Step 4: Feeds for Diigo. I haven't spent very much time using Diigo, so this was a bit of a challenge. I couldn't find a place that listed how their RSS feeds worked, so you basically just have to go poking around. NewsBlur actually does a pretty great job of pulling in the feeds and understanding the tags. The tags also show up in the 'body' of the post.

summary of Diigo feeds )

entry x-posted to LJ. Anon there has some really good stuff about using Google Reader.
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There's something about bookmarking sites that makes me want to create elaborate Greasemonkey scripts. Sometimes I don't even use them myself, I just make them for the hell of it.

  1. Pinboard - Date Lines: Adds a date line between different dates on

    Preview )

  2. Pinboard - Tag Frequency Autocomplete: So after renaming all my tags to have prefixes, I have to type a bunch more in the tags field before I get a good autocomplete match. Plus, the Pinboard autocomplete sorts the matches alphabetically, not by which tags I use the most, so then I have to type even more. Obviously, this just won't do.

    This rather experimental script works on the Pinboard add page, which is the one used by the posting bookmarklets. It hides the default autocomplete drop down and adds in a custom autocomplete widget that sorts the tags by frequency of use. Sadly, there is no easily accessible source of tag frequency data, so I had to take the HTML that makes up the tag list on your account page, and parse out the various font sizes to decide which tags get used most often. It makes for a very rough guide to tag frequency, but so far I'm finding it better than alphabetical. Your mileage may vary significantly.

    Preview )

  3. Pinboard - Sort Visible Links: I ported my Delicious sorting script over to Pinboard, so that you can sort all the links on the page by their title, URL or popularity. Should be compatible with the very handy Greasemonkey script AutoPagerize. Keep in mind, though, that on Pinboard you must be logged in to see link popularity.

    So far, I've tested it on quite a few pages, but if you find a page where it seems to exhibit irregular behaviour (like putting the sorting links in a weird place on the page, or moving the bottom pagination links to the top of the bookmark list, etc) please let me know!

    (I'm also a little worried about the fragility of the Pinboard version. Pinboard doesn't use many id or class attributes in its HTML, which means that it is hard to script for. For example in this script, each bookmark div can sometimes -- but not always -- be contained within another div that has no id or class or any distinguishing feature whatsoever. The script has to jump through a few hoops to compensate, and if the page HTML changes a bit in future, that hoop jumping will probably not be successful. Basically, this script could break really easily anytime the site HTML gets updated, so please let me know if it suddenly stops working properly.)

    Preview )

  4. Pinboard - Slash Tag Emboldener: Makes tags that have forward slashes in them stand out better in Pinboard.

    If you're using Stylish or a userscipt to change the look of Pinboard, you should be able to make the slash tags fit in with your style by adding a line like this to your custom code:

    a.gm_slash_tag { color: #800800!important; }

    #800800 is maroon -- replace it with whatever colour code suits your colour scheme.

    Preview )

  5. Pinboard - URL Cleaner: On the /add page (ie: the bookmarklet), highlights URLs with form params and anchors, and inserts a link that, when clicked, strips them out.

    Mostly I use this one to strip out style=mine, mode=reply, etc. because I like to bookmark only clean links. Not useful for kinkmeme threads, but still handy for many LJ and DW links.

    Preview )

  6. Pinboard - Organize Taglist in Posting Page: On the posting page that shows your tags, divides the tags up alphabetically. Adds a list of letters above the taglist which can be used to jump to different sections of the list. Thanks to [personal profile] christycorr for suggesting this script and testing it.

    Preview )

Firefox Installation Instructions )

If you think the Pinboard UI should be tweaked in some way, let me know and maybe I will be tempted to make a script for you. And don't forget that lots of colour/font-size/etc changes can be done just with CSS and the Stylish extension for Firefox, as [ profile] greedy_dancer documented in in this post.

I also did a quick set of instructions for making a userstyle that turns Pinboard visited bookmark links a lighter blue, so that they stand out more from the dark blue unvisited links. If you're interested in making simple CSS changes to Pinboard but don't know where to start, check out either the Firefox steps or the Chrome steps.
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