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Hi all! I'm a Pinboard newbie, and I'm trying to add all of my AO3 bookmarks using the bookmarklet on However, I have 900 bookmarks on AO3 alone. It is VERY slow-going, even with all the automated stuff set up in the bookmarklet.

Is there a way to bulk add my bookmarks? Maybe an export+import combo?
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I use the Pinboard popup with tags bookmarklet to bookmark links.  Problem is, I have a lot of tags.  So many tags, the tag cloud isn't helpful.  Is there a way to have the bookmarklet display only a particular tag bundle?  Because that would be very useful to me.

A lot of what I bookmark is fic, and the fandom specific tags are no problem to remember to add (fandom, characters, etc.)  But the general tags, I often forget what I have tags for or what the specific tag is.  (Do I have a tag for time travel?  Wing fic?  Episode tags--or do I call it something else?)  I already have a tag bundle for those, but it would be nice to just have those to glance through when making a new bookmark.

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I've been using the "random" bookmarklet as it's listed on pinboard's howto page, which looks like this:

Is there any way to edit this so that it only gives me random items from a particular tag? I have tags to categorize my unread items (i.e., unread:nameoffandom), so it would be great to only get random items in the particular fandom I'm in the mood for.
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I couldn't find anything to export Ao3 bookmarks to Pinboard, so I threw together a python script to do so. Some friends of mine wanted a copy, and so I threw it up on GitHub. You have to know how to run a python script, and it relies on a couple python packages, but it's pretty simple to do.

It was a little slapped together, and is not the most beautiful code in the world, but if you want to check it out and let me know how it works for you, that'd be cool. Just remember to turn off any sort of Twitter/etc crossposting or your tlist will want to murder you for spamming. :)

Find script on GitHub
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Hi all,

this is my very first post, so I'm a complete newbie. I have an urgent problem with Pinboard, which I need to get sorted asap as I have a huge university assignment due in tomorrow.

I need to be able to have a link in my Pinboard Profile which links back to my Blog (on Wordpress). I've set up my profile, including the link. I now have a "profile" link up next to "howto" etc. When setting up my profile, for Visibility I checked the box for "the entire internet" rather than the box for "only pinboard users".  My profile actually states:  "the entire internet can see this profile".

When I log out of Pinboard, I cannot see my profile. It must be visible, as we are supposed to be creating a public "Web presence", & the tutors who are marking our work must be able to see it without the use of passwords!  I have emailed Support with this question, but I'm not sure of the response time (or the time difference; I'm Tasmania, Australia).  I have just joined Pinboard, after trying to use Delicious & finding out how awful it is!  Clunky design, & terrible usability.  I hope I won't have to go back to Delicious!

Thanks in advance,
Michelle :)
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I'm new to Pinboard and I've imported my bookmarks from Delicious and am going through bundling stuff.  Is there a way to do a bundle of bundles?  For instance, to bundle all the DS9 tags and the TNG tags etc, and then make a Star Trek bundle and just tell it to include the DS9 and TNG etc bundles?
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I made a script that helps kink meme mods more easily bookmark prompt threads to Pinboard, but it is specific to memes hosted on Livejournal, so the post is over on [ profile] pinboard:
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Hi there. I wanted to export some of my pinboard bookmarks, but not all. Is there a way to export by tag?

I also have a friend who has bookmarked several pages for me in her account. I want to add them all to my pinboard account (there are about 10). Is there a way to "copy to mine" without doing each one individually?
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I've finally done something I've been thinking of doing forever but never actually getting round to. I've made more colour schemes for my brown & tan Pinboard userstyle. The style is now also available in blue, green, purple, and red.

Please let me know if you have any problems with these or if anything isn't working properly. I've done my best but proof reading CSS is always tricky.
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I've updated the user style I made a couple of years ago to work with the new Tag Edit page: Pinboard - skin in browns and tans
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I've updated my tan-and-brown userstyle so that it works with the new tag bundling feature. As usual it can be found on here.

If you have any questions or suggestions please don't hesitate to let me know!

Crossposted to [ profile] pinboard.
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I've almost finished updating my Pinboard userstyle but I've run into a problem I don't seem to be able to solve myself. Almost certainly because I'm completely self-taught when it comes to CSS (and know nothing about javascript). It's particularly annoying since everything else is fixed so if it wasn't for this I could already have posted the update version.

What I'm having problems with is #show_all_link and show_unbundled_link on the Editing Tag Bundle page. I'm sure there must be some very simple way to get the highlighted variable to show the colour I want and not the site's colour choice, but I can't for the life of me figure out how. I can't find anything about it in the site CSS and the info I get from Webdeveloper is incomprehensible to me*.

If anyone knows how to code this, please, please, PLEASE tell me!!

* What does onclick = tp.filterByProperty('unbundled');unhilight('show_all_link');hilight('show_unbundled_link'); mean?? And how can I apply it to CSS??

ETA at twenty minutes past ten the same evening: [personal profile] murklins came to my rescue! It is indeed all due to a bit of javascript so if I want to be able to style that element I need to mail maciej about it.

ETA at twenty minutes past eleven the same evening: [personal profile] murklins is a complete darling and managed to work out a way to make CSS work for this!
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Tag bundles are now available on Pinboard! LET US REJOICE.

Questions Maciej has addressed on Twitter about the feature:

  • There is currently no way to see tags by bundle when saving a new link, but he said he'd think about how to incorporate something along those lines.

  • There is no bundle importer from delicious.

  • The bundles list box is not pasteable; you have to move tags into it individually.

  • He has no plans to make bundles available within the bookmarklets.

  • One user has reported getting an error message when trying to save a large number of tags to a bundle. Refreshing fixed the problem, but it's happened to her more than once. He's working on fixing it.

  • The filter in the bundling editor only works with the beginning of tags, not character sequences anywhere within them.

  • If you have the Stylish add-on activated, you'll need to deactivate it to be able to use tag bundles. [EDIT: This does not seem to be universal, so check to make sure--you might be able to keep yours.]
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I've made some tweaks to my Pinboard skin so that rounded corners will work with CSS3 in Firefox4+ browsers.

Crossposted to Livejournal.
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Hi pinboard fen! I was wondering if any of you could recommend one of the Android apps for pinboard? There are a couple, but they don't exactly have many fantastic reviews between them. Is anyone using one of them and at least finding the app in question adequate?

Here's my usecase: I want to bookmark links from my twitter/g+ apps so I can read them later, ideally with a waiting queue so that I can add stuff while offline and then sync it once I'm online, though that's probably wishful thinking.
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• If you follow [ profile] pinboard, you likely know that the behaviour of the tag autocomplete has been changed.

I got a crash course last night tagging for the White Collar newsletter. You now use Tab not Enter to accept the active autocomplete suggestion. The thing that makes this hard to retrain your brain is that Enter does work if the active autocomplete suggestion is below the top one. What makes training your brain crucial is that, at any other time, enter submits the bookmark and you have to open the form again to edit the tags. Ask me how many times I had to do this tagging about a dozen things last night?

• I normally use the full page bookmarking form, but for tagging for the newsletter, I needed the popup. It's default is too small for the size of the notes field at my font size and it pops up at the left edge of the screen, or right over top of any fic header I need to read to select tags.

I changed the code to this:

I changed the width from the original 700 to 800, and I added the left=800 description (near the very end of the code). If you want to customize yours, the width and height are pixels and you should be able to decide what you want there. To move it to the far right of the screen, as I did you want to know the total width of your screen resolution and subtract from that the width of the popup you've set. Mine is 1600-800=800. You can edit my code right here in this entry and then copy it into a bookmarklet or edit your existing bookmarklet, whatever works for you!
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I've updated PinToDW to version 0.8. (I've also started using version numbers, as you see. I'm actually wondering about using SourceForge or GitHub. If someone has Opinions about software repositories, I'd love to hear them.)

This version brings support for categories, i.e. you can now separate your bookmarks depending on how they're tagged. If you post fandom tags, you may want to separate Art from Fics from Vids, for example, and now you can do it very simply.

I've also separated the configuration file, which will make it easier for future updates, as you'll just have to change the actual script file.

Finally, you'll now be able to post your bookmarks uncut.

I've (barely) updated the tutorial. Do not hesitate to holler if something's not clear. In true coder's fashion, I hate writing documentation.

Future (hypothetical) developments are available at the Changelog page. Given that I plan to support Delicious (on one side) and Livejournal (on the other) in the near future, the name "PinToDW" will become irrelevant soon. Any suggestions on a catchier name will be received with gratitude :)

Any suggestions for future development are also welcome. I'm not promising I can fit everything, but I can try.

You can follow all the posts about PinToDW on my journal using the tech:pintodw tag.

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So much excellence on Pinboard recently!

1. URL pages now list all the people who have bookmarked a page, and include their tags, description and date saved. (Interestingly, my Date Lines script now seems to work nicely on URL pages thanks to the update, but if you use Sort Visible Links you should update to the latest version of the script to prevent it from trying -- and then failing -- to work there.)

2. Public profile pages! (Well, public to anyone logged into Pinboard.) Enable your profile by going to settings->privacy and choosing "Enable public profile". Then a link to your profile page will appear in the top nav menu, and you can go there to set up it up. Of particular interest to fandom: you can indicate your accounts on various websites, including LJ, Dreamwidth and AO3. AMAZING.

3. Check out the new Pinboard directory to see all the public profiles that have already been enabled.

Crossposted to LJ:
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This is what I've set up to quickly bookmark stuff on Google Reader in Pinboard:

In Google Reader:
Hit the "Options" gear in the top right corner and pick "Reader Settings".
Go to the "Send To" tab.
Pick the "Create a custom link" at the bottom of the page.

Name: Pinboard
URL:${url}&title=${title} ${source})&tags=via:googlereader,via:${source}
Icon URL:


To use, pick the "Send To" option on the item in Google Reader, and pick Pinboard. A new tab (or window, depending) will open, with a few things already filled in. This does require that you be logged in to Pinboard.

My options take the article title and the source as the title for your bookmark, and fill tags that specify that the bookmark is from Google Reader and whatever the feed source is. You may want to tweak that depending on your tagging scheme.

Crossposted to my personal journal.
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